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  • Angie Guenther Photography featuring Grace

Take Your Child to Work Day in the Studio! | Arvada, Colorado

This event was SO much fun for SO many reasons! My oldest daughter, Grace, came to work with me at my Studio in Arvada for Take Your Child to Work Day. I think it was a huge success! She helped me set up the Studio and get it ready for clients. She learned how to use lighting, manage a camera in manual mode and interact with clients! I think she enjoyed the interaction with clients the most! I think she also realized how much work actually goes into one single session. Maybe she won't be so tough on me now that she knows how busy I am? :)

Here are some of Grace's favorites from the day!


I love how this session was all about Mama & Me! Two beauties! They brought the cutest outfits! Makes me SO ready for summer.

Megan... I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again... I LOVE your hair! I sure wish I could pull it off! Great hair runs in your family... check out Mr. G's perfect curls! Grace did such a fabulous job capturing his sweet personality.

Can we talk about bow-ties for a minute? They.are.magical. And they are welcome any time in my studio! Sweet J pulled it off so perfectly!! And his older sister... she could have a modeling career in her future; amiright?!

Grace had a few spare minutes to spend with her little sister... we like to call her Sassy Pants!

...And that's a wrap! Thank you all for participating in this fun event!

A little fun fact about me... Grace is one of 5 kiddos. Therefore, I anticipate doing this event for many years to come :)

Also..I love how some of these sessions turned into Mama & Me sessions. Makes me think I should plan some mini sessions for all those wonderful mama's out there! Who is in?!

~Angie & Grace

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